10 Tips on Making an Unforgettable Presentation


10 Tips for Making an Unforgettable Presentation

The medium is the message“, the academic, Marshall McLuhan coined. The medium itself influences how the message is perceived. In our international and dynamic mobile world, presentation skills are powerful tools, but communicating efficiently is not everyone’s cup of tea.

You have a presentation soon but you’ve never spoken in public? No worries!

Below we share some great tips from the experts on how be a good presenter.

This article is also available in Italian.

The power of focus

What is the objective? Who’s your audience? What could they ask me? Respond all these preliminary questions and tailor your communication to your listeners. A good story has a precise beginning, a vivid plot, and a clear ending. Structure your line of reasoning. So: what’s the message?


Practice, in order to get an intimate knowledge of every inch of every slide and every word you have to say. Be prepared for any contingency (it’s Murphy’s Law!) and respect time. Never read slides while on stage and prepare for less time. Start with an episode or a story to break the ice: they help make a great impression.

Simple & plain

Less is more’ is not a cliché: using bad PowerPoint presentations or Prezi’s have all kinds of consequences. So, stick to one idea per page, avoid using too many colors or effects, and choose a light background. Simplicity is the key: people pay attention to slides rather than your voice, so make the most of them.

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Of figures & men

A good picture or a clear table/curve are worth a million words, but elect elements purposely. That means no random and wasteful clipart.


It sounds uninteresting but it’s not always for granted: start by saying hello to everyone and finish by thanking them for their attention. Show respect towards your audience.

Time goes by

Structure your dialogue and keep your agenda in mind (keep a printed copy if necessary). Start on time and fit your topics within the available time: being stopped because you went overtime is just frustrating and…well, embarrassing! Therefore, have a look at the most effective words to use: optimization is the way.

Full (eye) contact

A presentation is a dialogue, so involve your audience with challenging questions or quick riddles. Above all, make eye contact with all of your listeners. Catch them when their attention curve falls.

Between the lines: body language

Foster a 360 degree expression, so use hands to emphasize points and keep the audience interested. Never turn your back towards them (request a laptop in front of you, for example) and pay attention to your posture. If you get one of those handy remote controls, you can even take some distance from your laptop and get closer to the audience without losing control.

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Is there emotion in business?

Structure your presentation as a ‘journey’ and take your audience with you. Let some short improvisational moments flow – a bit of humor could enhance your words and fill the lack of emphasis, and whenever it’s possible, use a personal touch. Be authentic.

Always follow-up!

It’s a good practice to share your slides with your audience after the presentation. Try to collect their email addresses or ask the organization to share them with you. Remember to include your contact information in the slides, that way they can always contact your for further information or future occasions!


In the end, the success behind a good presentation is the right reception of the message you wanted to communicate. What’s your experience?


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