Neomobile’s 10 Tips For Easy Business Travel


For most of you in the business world, business travels are the order of the day, and being away from home is never easy. So it’s vital to stay organized for travelling light and maximize your time and experiences.

As a global Mobile Commerce Group, Neomobile operates in more than 70 countries, and our offices are located in ten different cities worldwide, so frequently visiting our partners is part of our business. A business congress in Barcelona, then a fair in Singapore, followed by a lunch with some colleagues in our Roman headquarters, are all part of our daily routine.

We have gathered several of Neomobile’s frequent fliers to reveal their favorite travel strategies and to help you feel better the next time you travel for business (and make the most of it!). We have also dedicated a few of them to business women.

Check them out and remember to bring them with you in the suitcase!

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Efficient packing

The less you have to worry about while preparing for a businesstrip, the better. So, the first rule is to keep the suitcase partially packed. How to do it? Pack itwith a full set of toiletries, work accessories (pens and business cards), basic first aid kit, and the basics stuff (jewelry, makeup bag, neutral color outfit) and leave it ready. Be practical, and remember that famous if it doesn’t fit in my carry-on suitcase, I don’t need it” quote.

Checkpoint-friendly case

Find and get one of those design bags that allows you to pass your computer through security scan without removing it but at the same time better protecting it: so, getting through airport security is going to be quick and less stressful, because these suitcases present a clear image of the laptop separate from the rest of the bag.

Luggage lock

Although carry-on travels are a good choice for so many reasons, not everyone chooses this option, so there are other situations where you choose — or are obliged — to check your bag. Purchase special “approved” locks that can be easily opened by security personnel, and travel with ‘peace of mind’ and sense of security! Bring an extra lock just in case.

And why don’t you use your personal business card as a luggage tag?

Airline mobile apps

Turn your phone into a travel agency: there are plenty of apps equipped with check-in tools, e-boarding passes and gate info to help you manage your travel plans. You will save paper, money and time. Then, look at how many activities are made possible with  just a touch: best new apps for travelers by CNN!

Loyalty programme’s subscriptions

Today many train or plane companies have fidelity programs, free of any costs, so you can easily register with your personal details. Next time you book your business trip, remember to add your personal account. In this way, as regular passengers you’ll gain extra points and you’ll be rewarded with free tickets, awards and exclusive benefits that you can use in your own time.

Translation & Vocabulary

If you’re travelling to a country whose language isn’t familiar, download a translator app, making sure you understand as much as possible during your stay! Check out Google Translate for Android, and iTranslate for iOS, or download the brilliant language app Duolingo if you have some time to learn the first basic expressions (By the way, ask your colleagues living abroad some tips about the local life: enjoy team spirit in your company! Or, even better, you can test couch surfing with your colleagues: get to know them better and save your company save money!)

Worldwide power converters

Remember that panic attack while calling the concierge and looking for a substitute transformer for your dead mobile? None of this is necessary anymore thanks to the best travel accessory ever: the global travel adapter.

For instance, trips to China or UK require this special planning, but with this tool it will be the last of your troubles.


Ladies’ edition – MacGyver ironing

need to iron clothes and you don’t have an actual iron? Try using a hair straightener! Try a lower heat first and then iron your shirt collars, no one is going to notice it during the business meeting.

Ladies’ edition – pocket ballerina

Tired of wearing high heels eight hours per day? Fold-able ballerinas will become must-have flats whenever you need to relieve your feet, short-term wear only. Quick comfort & relax!

Ladies’ edition – extra creams

Instead of buying creams on purpose or looking for travel size lotions, put a small amounts of liquids in extra contact lens cases, such as a face wash and an eye contour cream. You’ll save space and time, especially when you’re packing last minute!

Do you have more travel tips to share? Please leave a comment below!

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